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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Banner Exchange Manager v1.0 Pro

Banner Exchane Manager Features:
- Support for multiple campaigns for each member.
- Support for multiple banners for each campaign.
- Multiple size banner support.
- Save and transfer credits between campaigns.
- Real time statistics, detailed statistic for each campaign.
- Unlimited number of admin controlled categories.
- Members can get bonus impressions for clicks on their pages.
- Members can stop showing their banners to save impressions for more intensive campaign.
- Extensive stats.
- Member signup bonus scheme.
- Secure server integration for payment (Paypal) -PayPal Business Account Required.
- Members can add Multiple Banners.

Download : Banner Exchane Manager v1.0 Pro.zip

If the link is no longer active please write your comment here, and comment with manners.

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