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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AJ Square Slideshow Gallery Engine

This script is developed in php. It makes your website interactive. You can use these functions in your own image gallery implementation. User can view the image as a slide show from the specified gallery. It helps the user to view all the images from a particular folder within seconds. Websites developed by PHP script enable your visitors to view the images quickly and efficiently. Generally in Websites, you can find the implementation of this simple script in gallery. Whatever be the addition of the contents of gallery but only the image file is displayed in the slide show view. Thus the images are viewed as fast as possible.

- Slide show is very easy to install. Just unzip and upload, or if you're using it on a local server, just unzip!
- The Slide Show Wizard interface is as simple as it requires just two inputs, a click, and now the user gets their image slide show ready.
- No odd libraries are needed and mostly the script should work on servers with PHP installed.
- Support file formats: Jpg, gif, png.
- Reduce size photos suitable for web publishing/can share photos by email.
- Fast processing.

- PHP 4.3.2 or later
- My Sql 4.1 or later
- Enough Band width

Demo : http://www.ajsquare.com/freescripts/slideshow/
Download : AJ Square Slideshow Gallery Engine
If the link is no longer active please write your comment here, and comment with manners.

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